What is Amygdala Magazine?

Amygdala, otherwise known as that part of your brain that makes you feel fear, love, and the survival instinct, is the name of a new semi-annual collection for short stories. Our magazine includes any and all genre, as long as they provoke an emotional response in the reader. For each issue we will include a theme (see below) which all stories will be required to include in one way or another. 

Since Amygdala is a cross-genre collection, you may write about anything, anywhere, and anytime. Feel free to mix genres, if you can do it in a clever way (we like clever). All stories will be asked to be structured around a theme, sort of a literary secret ingredient to be featured in your narrative. 

We are currently accepting Submissions for Issue #1, due this Fall !!!!!!!

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This issues' theme will be: 


This is not an invitation for a stream of robot stories (although we love robots as every good-hearted person does).

The story can include anything that would tie in the theme of interactions between people and technology, machines, devices, etc. It could be a cowboy with a revolver, an 18th century detective using early fingerprinting techniques, a man with an artificial heart, or a machine that records dreams. Anything that uses the interaction of technology and humanity as an engaging device. The use of the theme does not have to be sledgehammered into our faces, it is meant to be a skillfully woven inclusion.